Changing address and country!

Hi all, I will soon be moving from NZ back to Aussie, so it could be 3 months or so before I get to re-set up my weather station and I wondered if anyone was aware of any issues or pit falls that may happen or to look out for with it being off line so long ?

When I am away I leave it going. If you leave the Tempest on its mount then that is fine. If you are taking it down and placing it inside I would leave it on a window sill where the battery can charge. If you are storing it in the shade I would turn it off under its base.
The hub and its power supply can be unplugged and nothing will change.
Summary: the only item that wears out is the battery in the Tempest, so leaving it in the sun charging is the simplest way to keep it alive.
cheers Ian :slight_smile:

Thanks Ian for your reply,
Ok I will turn off under the base then, yes it will be packed away and traveling with the rest of household goods in a shipping container to go by sea, so it could be 6-8 weeks before this arrives at my new address.
I will dig it out and try get it active again as soon as possible to help with the battery

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The Tempest and Hub are small enough items to where you Could put them in your luggage and take with you immediately. . .then set up (temporarily) at your new location. Least ways you wouldn’t have to wait 6-8 weeks for your total shipment to arrive. You’d probably want to use the Flat-base mount for the short term. . .then pole-mount in more permanent location later on.

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Are you going to have a smaller and faster “household items” shipment preceding the main shipment? I know this was often done when I was a boy and my father would change duty stations to and from overseas. If so, could you put the Tempest system in that shipment?

Or, mail it to your destination or to a trusted person at/near your destination?

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Thanks for that idea, but even tho it is reasonably small, not sure if I have room? I’ll be living out of the suitcase for that 6-8 week period.

Hi, I wasn’t planning to, but that is another good idea worth looking into