Bluetooth Operation only on my Boat

Hello all,
I am wanting to put this on My Boat. And run it on bluetooth on a I pad or a iPhone…I understand wind direction will be ever changing and i will have to do mental corrections I intend to Place the north unit pointing to the Bow. As the boat at anchor always finds the wind in most cases. Any insight into operation on Bluetooth would be appreciated along with any other insights on this are greatly Appreciated

The hub automatically switches to bluetooth when you have the app open on your phone and the hub is in range. The light on the hub will turn blue to indicate this.

You could also consider using a wifi hot spot from your phone. That is how I have operated mobile remote during testing in my car.
There was a short conversation on this forum about using a sky (earlier model similar to a Tempest) on a sailing boat but the topic from memory faded out without results of trying it.
You can use the magnifying glass search button to find past discussions.
It is difficult to answer your question due to not being sure what you are wanting. My guess is only to monitor your conditions while you are on the boat and you do not require any history. But I am only guessing from why you only want to use bluetooth. Perhaps you will be out of mobile reception?
Sorry I can not really help.
Cheers Ian :slight_smile: