Battery State Issues [WAS :Tempest App update for Android v4.6.78(189)]

A new version was released during the afternoon of Saturday Jan 22nd. No observable changes noted for the Android portion. . .but there is a Noticeable change when looking at it via MS Edge.

The notable change is this. . .

For the battery card view. . .at the far right. . .it only has STATE

But the Android version shows. . .

The difference being. . .in MS Edge the word " GOOD " underneath the word STATE is missing!

Clear the browser cache and try again. It displays properly on all of my stations in both MS Edge on Windows 10 and MS Edge on Android.

FWIW, my Android app updated on Friday January 21, 2022.

Logged out of MS Edge. . .Logged back in; Cleared MS Edge Browsing Cashe. . . All Time (since the beginning of time). . . yielded NO change!

The battery card is just fine for 1st Gen WF SWS (i.e. AR-5552). . .but for Tempests. . .only STATE with no battery condition listed.

Also did a complete “Cold Start” of PC (Shutdown to power off; Waited 5 mins. . .then did a start up. Same result as seen below.


had the same issue, cleared all cookies and Cache… still showed just state with no actual status.

so in my browser i went to:(replace ######## with your station #)

then backed into my display and it worked.

see if that does it for you.

Now the Web is fine but the Android app is only showing some of the Tempest battery status.

This is on my Field Test station.

I’m sure someone at the Mica Plex lab in DAB (Daytona Beach) FL will have a look-see at it sometime this week. I’ll be monitoring to see if that warrants another App update to (190).

Just a question for the new guy. Where do you see battery life. I don’t see it all and any app or Edge.

New Guy

For the App. . .go into Setting (gear icon)…then select Your station. Then go to Advanced tab under DEVICE heading. There will be a choice: “Hide Battery Card” or touch/toggle for “Show Battery Card.”

For the battery card to be visible on the App. . .make sure that tab shows “Hide Battery Card.” Sounds confusing. . .but when “Hide” is displayed, it means just the opposite. i.e. Hide = battery card will be seen on the App. “Show” = that is will not be seen on the app.

For MS Edge. . .I think it is automatic. . .based on the setting from the Tempest App. For @gizmoev…I can confirm your finding of the battery status in Android. Mine also now shows " – – – " underneath the word STATE.

That’s awesome. Thank you yes that worked perfectly.

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my webversion now reads in very big letters “Power Save”, that’s new!
(btw the other station is basically off for two months, which you might think off as an extreme version of powersave :wink: )


Wow! The words “POWER SAVE” are interesting. . .indeed! That’s a “collector’s item!” We could’ve used those words during Field Testing 2 yrs ago.

On Android. . .two out of three of my Tempest devices are okay, showing GOOD, but ST-00010365 still shows " — — — " .

The MS Edge versions are all back to normal. . .just has they have been in the past.

Would’ve been nice if we heard something from the engineers at Daytona Beach about this!

I just sampled several Tempest stations over interior Alaska. . .that I know have been having trouble because they only have 3 1/2 hours of sunlight this time of year. Their stations show 2.37v 2.36v and 2.34v respectively and also have POWER SAVE.

If I remember correctly. . .when the voltage got down that low. . . the terminology was " LOW " then after that " REPLACE " .

Something I noticed regarding battery state and browsers.
you have to be logged in to see the state (title is always showing)

I tried on Safari, FF, Brave and Opera. They all behave the same way.
Not logged in → title
Logged in → title + whatever state it is

anomalies are identified and will be solved, no ETA given so be patient, one day we’ll not even notice it was implemented :slight_smile:

and with anomalies I mean the state not showing when not logged in etc, not the new wording (that is intended)

Thanks for bringing it up.


it still is REPLACE for when you have a Sky or Air unit. There is nothing to replace with a Tempest.

Seems odd with a Battery State of GOOD… that I’ve lost sensors… LOL
I know… 2.11 volts is NOT good… just surprised with all the issues around battery reporting lately that I saw this.

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Windows 10 Chrome - shows ‘STATE GOOD’
Windows 10 Firefox - shows ‘STATE’ without a state
MacOS 11.4 Chrome - shows ‘STATE’ without a state
MacOS 11.4 Firefox - shows 'STATE" without a state

Android 6,7 & 9 without a state.
I noticed on Linux widget 1 was without and another box was with Desktop without, & laptop with?