Battery not charging......Ants galore!

I was going to have a big whine about how after a lot of rainy days and brief periods of sunlight that my station was not charging back up… I removed it so I could do the reset trick, but below is what I found! Hopefully the picture came through. I have done some searching and will look at greasing the pole as well as some duct tape with the sticky side out. Had to evacuate the little blighters.


damn, that doesn’t look good. Hopefully you get it to work again.

Those “dad-gum” ants. . . they messed a Perfectly Good Tempest! How dare them!

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Told you the Tempest had bugs.
(dad joke)

That photo is…indescribable…


Leave them a surprise, maybe a packet of 9% fipronil! :wink:

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Gross!!! :nauseated_face: Hopefully you can get it working again.

Wow. I never even thought of that happening. I would not be able to fix that.


After thoroughly cleaning that detritus up with 99% IPA or whatever!

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Give Muhammad Ali a shot at it… :wink:

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Love the comments :slight_smile:
Well I have it apart as you can see and cleaned. One of the ribbon cables lost some of its gold pins when I cleaned it with isoprol, the other came up clean. I think the combination of weather and ant waste lifted them. I have worked out (from previous posts) that you can open the tophat to where the cable goes. Tempest say that they do not supply this cable but have offered me another station at a discount which I will take up.
I am an electronics technician so there was no heavy handedness in getting the bits apart. The ribbon cable connects to the top circuit board through the middle of the unit. It looks like some security screws to separate the two parts deep inside it, I do have this driver but not that skinny a shaft to get to them!
Wil lsee how I go with getting a small ribbon cable but hopefully this helps others. Pretty much I had it too close to the ground. Did not want to mount it on my roof as that is iron and would reflect heat!

Found some! We have a supplier here in Australia, and I think pommie land as well, called element 14. If anyone is chasing a ribbon cable the description is below for you.
Click Here fro element14 part description.