App/Browser Options

I have the Tempest Weather System on the way so I’m new to using it. I have an old iPad that I would like to use as a dedicated device to continually view the data provided by the Tempest. Unfortunately it is so old that I cannot download the app from the App Store. It needs iPad iOS 11.0 or later and the newest iPad iOS I can have on the iPad is iOS 9.3.5. Is there any other way I can continually display the data on this iPad? Perhaps a dedicated webpage?

You should be able to just use a web browser and navigate to the web page for your site. For example, try one of my stations at on your iPad to see how it would look.

Thanks for your reply David. The information displayed on the webpage looks great. If I leave the webpage up all the time, will it automatically update or do I have to refresh the webpage?

How did you get the extended forecast to show in the second screen that shows weather information as well as battery status? See link below.


It does automatically update but some people have found that with some browsers or OSs that it stops updating. I think iOS was one which sometimes stops the browser. If there is a way to tell iOS not to put the browser to sleep, then it should be fine.

In the early days of WeatherFlow, the current main page didn’t exist and only the grid view was available. The forecast card was an option in the advanced settings where the battery card can be hidden/unhidden. A while back, WF decided to remove the forecast card since the main page forecast showed more detail. A bunch of us complained about losing the forecast card so they re-enabled it for those of us that had it enabled but still removed it from the app. I have no idea if you can request support for it to be enabled.

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