Air Temperature Readings (Offset)?

I installed (outddor) a new Tempest today and so far its working fine, haven’t tested the rain sensor yet.

I’m replacing a Ultimeter 2100 station that have the solar radiation shield, I noticed (only 25hrs. of use) that the Tempest temperature is off by around 4 degrees when the sun was out comparing it to the Ultimeter, the ambient temperature was in the 50’s. I looked around to neighbors weather stations and the Ultimeter report are very similar to the other weather stations in the area. I checked the site and the temperature matched with the Ultimeter, is there a way to calibrate (offset) the Tempest? or there is an AI that will correct it ?

Edit: Now during the night the temperature is matching the Ultimeter.

give it 10 days to calibrate itself.

I did not realise the temperature calibrates after a few days.
The temperature is compensated for light winds.
I thought it must be a standard compensation for all Tempests.
cheers Ian :slight_smile:

temperature itself doesn’t calibrate, but as the tempest is often placed high up in the sun, the unit will heat up. There is a good compensation in place, but that depends on other parameters (wind/brightness) that do need some time to calibrate.