Add temperature and humidity sensors to the WIFI hub

Many people integrate their Tempest into 3rd party weather applications. WeatherDisplay is one of them. Two of the features missing from the WeatherDisplay (WD) console is indoor temperature and humidity, as this data is not provided to WD as it is not included in the Tempest Sensors. Future feature addition: add temperature and humidity sensors in the Hub.

Why not just create an device to replace the AIR which has temperature, RH, and maybe pressure? This would allow the unit to be placed anywhere the owner wants to know the temperature rather than whatever closet the hub might be placed in. This would not require any changes to the hub.

Such a device / unit is discussed here already : BREATHE
And the related feature request

i kind of like the idea of having this in the hub for the next version. No extra device needed. I don’t mind an extra device for those who need it, but I rather don’t have that… already too many ‘things’ in my house.