Add "Chill Hours" count to history

An important weather data point for some is the number of “chill hours” in a winter season. There are many fruit and nut trees that require a certain number of chill hours as a minimum to produce fruit. Chill hours refer to the total number of hours between 32 and 45°F that an area receives on each winter. It is an important indicator of crop expectations and if a certain variety is viable for your location. For instance, a fruit tree that needs 800 chill hours will not produce fruit if planted somewhere that only receives 500 chill hours, or if you have an unusually warm winter with only 500 chill hours that year. Since the data is being collected for history already, it should be fairly simple to tally the number of chill hours and add that information to the History. Thanks for consideration…

You can export all of your historical data to a spreadsheet and then run it through a formula to get that

Thanks, I had thought of that as “Plan B”, but it would be nice if it was part of the history. It is probably relevant to more people than you would first think and not everyone knows how to use excel (fortunately I do). Guess I need to bone up on the exporting of Tempest data…

Hi David,
If you have any votes left you could vote for your request.
In the mean time if you use the spreadsheet option, while excel will work, google sheets is also an option and there have been threads in this forum describing a formula which makes importing your data simple to both of those spreadsheets.
cheers Ian :slight_smile: