2nd AIR for monitoring indoor temperature?

In absence of a definitive release date for the BREATHE, I need to monitor the indoor temperature at my cabin. Can a 2nd AIR be used? Are there any technical reasons why one should not to use an AIR for monitoring indoor temperature?

Thanks in advance.

Sure, you can use a 2nd Air for this purpose. Make sure when setting it up, you set it for ‘indoor’ use.


I have one inside the house, works like a charm. But if you have two, better disable the lightning detection on the indoor unit, most probably many local electric devices will trigger it …

Is it possible to buy just a second AIR unit though, or do you have to buy a whole second station?

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good question, in any case not possible via the shop right now

@anon84912554 : if someone wants to buy just a part ??? How does he proceed, a ticket or mail to support ???

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AIR works great as an additional indoor monitor for things like wine cellars, kids rooms, etc. WF currently has limited inventory of AIRs a-la-carte. We don’t advertise it for direct purchase on our ecommerce site shop.weatherflow.com just yet. If you want to purchase an extra AIR, email us at support@weatherflow.com. Cheers.


Received my second Air today, so finally all set up outdoors as I had intended to do with the original one :slight_smile: So glad you had some spare European frequency ones left! - massive thanks to all at WF, as usual :smiley: