24 hours timeline

I would like to see the possibility to have the timeline in 24 hour format.

Could you elaborate what timeline ? Forecast or graphics ?

me too, but they are “clever” and base the time format on the language setting of the browser. You can’t set it manually… unfortunately. It seems such an obvious setting to have.

The time format should be possible to set to 24 hours for us in Europe.
It should then be valid for the graphic in history as well as forecast.

It is possible to choose °C , m/s, mPh, so why not also 24h?

Both the Android and iOS app honor system time format but the web interface still doesn’t. FWIW, many of us in the USA also use 24h time format.

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I asked because for me (European) the forecast respects the 24 h format but not the graphs. Not sure this is related to a library they use ??? Will ask.

I just want to have a line in Settings - Units that make it possible to select 24H format.
Now it is a mix of the two-time formats, on the forecast page it is a 12-hour format but my station history graphs it is 24-hour as selected for the station.
So it is the data from Weather Flow forecast generation that sends 12-hour format which I guess is the official way to indicate time in the US except for the armed forces.

I have following settings

And get the forecast in AM/PM

But my own station data is in 24-hour format

First of all, the apps on Android and iOS follow the time settings of the mobile device. Here is an example from one of my stations.

Are you sure you have the time settings on your device set to 24h format?

See my latest answer to eric, there you can see my settings in the app “Tempest Weather” and that I have both formats presented depending on what I have chosen to look for.
Very strange, as you only get the 24-hour format.
The app version I have installed is the latest 4.26 (540).

Compare your settings to mine and inform me of the difference if it differ to what I have found out from your screen shoots °F, inch, mph, and inHg instead of °C, mm, m/s and, hPa.
The mobile settings are for Sweden with 24-hours time selected.
On the computer do I have the timeline in the graphs in 12 hour-format but the forecast is in 24-hour-format.

I have only problems with the browser version on my pc, where it uses the language settings to determine the time format (which isn’t the right thing to do at all). There should be a 24h format setting.
In the app it follows the format you set for the android device (it isn’t on the tempest settings, but in the system setting of your phone). I just switch back and forth and the format changes in the app.
I guess nobody would mind if there was a setting, just like the choice between Fahrenheit en Celsius, miles or kilometers etc. There isn’t a big need to handle the time setting automatically. Automatically is fine, but only when it is 100% correct.

I see that but my question wasn’t about the settings in the app, it is about the settings in your phone. This is what @sunny is saying as well. Here is what the settings page on my Samsung Galaxy S20+ looks like. Note that I have 24-hour format enabled.

David, of cause is the setting 24-hour on the phone, otherwise I would have had AM/PM on it as well.

Also, my computer has 24-hour format selected.

It Is a long time ago since we also used 12-hour format and referred to it as fm/ em.

So, the problem seems to me, not being my settings but something in the app.

I guess the easiest way to come around the “problem” is to have a 24-hour selection button in the app setting together with all the other selections you are able to do for customize your screen to show the values with the units of your preference.

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Sunny, agree with you, that was my attention at the first place that the support team would take an action and add the 24-hor format selection button to there to do-list regarding updates on the app.

I thought this was the right way to issue such a request, obviously I was wrong as it lead to a discussion about my settings in the app and on the phone.

So, I guess I have to address it directly to the support-team.

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This wasn’t the wrong way to issue such a request, it is that there was no indication in your screenshots that your phone was in 24-hour format and that was something that needed to be verified since the apps do follow that setting. As for the web interface, that has been discussed in the past and it is some strange thing with how browsers function. I don’t understand why it hasn’t been put in as a setting in the app/on the web, but I gather it isn’t too easy to do or just hasn’t been bumped high enough in priority.

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Seriously. 24 hours format is for science. My stove and step counter have a 24 hour setting option. Come on!

It is an option to add in the future for us that use the 24-hour format as well as meters and °Celsius which is already possible
It perhaps fell like science for those who are not used to the formats but most countries in the world use the 24-hour format.
Yes, it is used by scientists and the military to avoid mistakes being 12 hours wrong.
So what’s the problem with asking for an option to be able to select a time format that one is used to? You could still use the 12 hour AM/PM.