What units / conversion needed to translate air_temperature observation from API call?

Hello, new here. Got the Tempest as a birthday present and set it up today, right off loving it!

Question about the API values returned. I want to poll for air_temperature observation and I have an API token and I’m getting a successful call and response back, and it’s for my station, but the air_temperature value is… odd

curl -s https://swd.weatherflow.com/swd/rest/observations/station/98451?token=

Through the app and the website, I’m getting proper air temperature readings, currently about 55ºF

But from the API call, I’m getting back:

  "obs": [
      "timestamp": 1678034238,
      "air_temperature": 13.2,

13.2 … what? I tried changing units on on the website from F to C and back. And the change was displayed on subsequent API calls. But the value for air_temperature stays the same at 13.2 which isn’t right.

What am I missing?

The API returns observations in metric units (I.e Celsius for temperature). 13.2 C is 55 F


If you read the API docs it’ll tell you the units for each observation

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Thank you, I can’t believe I missed that. Doh! I was confused but the C/F setting not making a difference but it makes sense that it’s always ºC and the setting is just for telling interfaces what preferred units are

No problem - easy thing to miss. Enjoy your new Tempest!

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