WeatherFlow on Indiegogo

May will be here in just over a week and WeatherFlow may begin shipping product to users. It may be that the Indiegogo campaign will soon come to an end and that the price of the "Smart Weather Station: will actually be increased.

Now is the time to encourage your friends and neighbors to get their own station while it’s still at a low price.

If you should decide to “spread the word” please remember:

“WeatherFlow” is one word and has two capital letters.

“Indiegogo” is one word and has one capital letter.


David (@dsj),

What is the story here? I have not seen you make an official statement or announce anything. Other than the company names being written incorrectly, is there any truth at all in the post?


Hi Gary. Yes, as recently noted in the public comments on our Indiegogo page…we will be ending pre-order sales via IGG at the end of April. Thanks for helping spread the word.

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Hi, Keith,

I would have never seen that in the comments. At least it’s good information to have and I guess I should order an additional 100 units now. :slight_smile: Seriously, I will be ordering two more complete stations. One will be going to my house in Saigon where I expect the humidity to stay peaked out.

By-the-way, we all have a vested interest in seeing WeatherFlow succeed. Other than a few dollars and a lot of time, we have our professional reputations on the line.

Thanks for the update.



I have a question as you will soon close the campaign,

is there an estimated date to starting sell the the AIR or Sky individual from WeatherFlow site?

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We plan to spend most of May ensuring all users have a positive experience with their new stations. If all goes well, we hope to start selling directly from in early summer with a focus on North America.


That sounds great !!! So do you have around 3,000 to send out the Indiegogo site says you have 2825 backers and if you look at the perks claimed it shows a little over 300 units , and the nice interactive map shows 1071 total right now. Not really any of my business but just kind of of curious how many of us there will be initially

Thanks Fishrman

Initially just over 3000 stations.

Thats pretty cool Hope you do 30,000 by end of year

Thanks for the answer

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Thanks for your support @fishrman . As said before, our next task is to make sure everyone in the initial 3000 has a positive experience. Unlike any other weather station on the market, our stations are designed from the get-go to improve over time. We are constantly iterating and improving the associated algorithms, firmware and software – then deploying the improvements to stations in the field. Once we get everything performing at the levels we strive for, hopefully the stations (and the software that powers them) will sell themselves to 30,000 and beyond. :+1:


I’d love to provide feedback of a positive experience, if I ever get my station here. Any feedback from WF on which customer number they’re up to in shipping (if you’re doing first-in first-out as I ‘thought’ you posted once) ?

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Orders are shipping primarily according to first-in, first-out although there is some some necessary batching by destination country. All orders placed before September, 2017 (approximately 85% of the total) are being shipped now and should be complete in the next two weeks. But fear not, orders placed after August, 2017 (approximately 15% of the total) are in production and on track to ship just a few weeks later.


I just realized I didn’t have a shipment address confirmed on the backer page. I am in the early backers. Will my SKY still be shipped out with the first wave?

First, make sure you do confirm your address. If necessary contact WeatherFlow support with your backer number to confirm.

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Verify your address here using the same email you used for ordering on Indiegogo.


I did. Looks like I’m 688th?

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