Tempest Sensor Unit seems dead

Tempest #5173 went off line and appears to be dead. Hub is up and connected. Rebooted a couple of times to be sure. Green or blue light as expected.

Last warning was battery low at 2.33 volts. We have had a week of cloudy/rainy weather.

How can I tell the status of the sensor unit? There are no status lights visible.

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Hello etroup

if you look at the voltages you would already understand that your Tempest is depleted. It won’t start unless it gets a charge

I just looked at your station and it really never charged properly since quite some time, I suspect a faulty charge circuit or to much battery drain. If you could get it in direct sunlight for a few hours, there is a chance it comes live again but for sure it won’t last long.
Open a support ticket and customer support will help you out.

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I see the low battery voltage. Left tempest in some sunlight this morning and it seemed to wake up when I reset it and reconnect however I am not seeing any updated data in the application.

which is normal, voltage is very low and all power saving modes are on so way less updating data (see link I gave above)

I’m facing this same problem. Unit kept going offline at night after a few days of clouds and rain. Finally emailed support once it was offline for a whole day after dropping below 2.33 volts. It came back on the first sunny day and is slowly making its way higher. Waiting for a response from support currently.

Have dismounted the Tempest and left it in the most optimal positions possible for recharging. Still stuck at 2.33 or 2.34 volts. Cannot get an adequate charge.

I submitted a ticket but have received no response. The Tempest sensor remains unusable after only 57 days.

What is the resolution???

Wait for CS to send out a replacement.

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Left Tempest in an optimal position (leaning back with panels pointing directly south at Sun) to charge. Still has not come back.

You did leave the switch on, right. In the off position it won’t charge.