REST Reference Parameters - Bucket_Step Adjustment?

Is there any way to adjust the bucket_step_minutes on a csv download to show data recorded every minute, 10 minutes, etc?

Recently used the time_start and time_end feature to download a dataset for the past month and looks like all the data is in increments of 180 minutes (3 hours). This is different than how often the Tempest WS is actually recording data so there ends up being a discrepancy between the dataset and the actual tempest app readings (e.g., average temperatures for a given day differ between the csv data and tempest app.)

The bucket_step, more often than not, is determined by the length of time between time_start and time_end. To get a shorter bucket length, you’ll need to request less data. Some more details can be seen in this post: REST API: my wishlist to Santa Claus - #7 by dsj