New Rpi OS release - failing wfpiconsole Install


just rebuilding a wfpiconsole and decided to do it on the lates release of Rpi OS …

getting this error

pi@pyconsole:~ $ curl -sSL | bash

[✓] Root user check passed
[✓] Architecture check passed (armv7l)
[✗] OS check failed (Raspbian GNU/Linux 11 (bullseye))

can you provide HELP?


pi@pyconsole:~ $ cat /etc/debian_version


Are you using a Pi3? You can’t use the latest OS to run the PiConsole on a Pi3

Thanks … didn’t know that… OK…


I see that … where I should have read BEFORE…

For Raspberry Pi 3, the ‘Legacy’ (Debian Buster) version of Raspberry Pi OS with desktop must be used. For Raspberry Pi 4, the most recent (Bullseye) version of Raspberry Pi OS must be used.

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Nobody really reads the README :wink:

Yup … I think I started that trend!

What blocked me from from even considering the issue, was I could have sworn when I first upgraded to 23.3.1 I had upgraded to Bullseye? Is it possible I built it on a Rpi4 and just put the SD Card in the Rpi3? Would that work? I wish I checked before I over-wrote the SD Card…

FYI … answered my own question. I built a from-scratch (Bullseye - latest release); wfpiconsole on my Rpi400.
move the SDCard over to my Rpi3b - works fine so far ?