Indiegogo Update #10


Hello WeatherFlow Backers.

Three weeks ago, after months of development, we received our first batch of AIR production samples. We were super excited! Since then we’ve been rigorously testing them in the lab and in the real-world at the homes of more than a dozen WeatherFlow team members. Anxious to start the Field Test, we’ve been burning the midnight oil, running each device through a rigorous testing procedure to ensure quality, performance, and seamless interactivity with our apps.

Maureen & Josh testing AIR devices at our Florida offices.

Everything passed with flying colors, except this one challenging issue: a critical component (the radio module) is causing a significant power drain. Despite working with the manufacturer since April and receiving their continuous reassurance, we have been unable to achieve the promised low power operation that originally led us to select this component. We’re getting well below the one year+ of battery life we need. Unacceptable.

But here’s the good news – this technical setback has led us to reevaluate a design approach that not only solves the power issue but also allows us to incorporate many features that backers like you have requested. The system will now include a relay hub that will enable the following enhancements:

  1. Significantly longer wireless range.
  2. Even more battery life than our previous target.
  3. A full-time connection for more frequent data updates.
  4. Flexibility to support other communication technologies.
  5. Future-proofing against evolving smart home protocols.
  6. Better, easier local data access.

As painful as delays are, we are committed to delivering the finest home weather station you’ve ever seen. But, it’s going to take more time for us to perfect. Given our revised engineering and testing schedule, we now anticipate conducting the Field Test in March and shipping to other backers starting in May.

We sincerely thank you for your continued patience. - the WeatherFlow team

Ps - Here’s a sneak peek at our mobile app. You will also be able to view data on any device with an online browser.

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