Indiegogo April update


WeatherFlow April shipping update - action required
Hello WeatherFlow backers,

Production of the SKY at our factory in Shenzhen is going great. It’s finally time to start boxing and preparing over 2700 packages for delivery to 24+ countries around the globe. As it has been quite some time since you placed your order, we realize some of you may have moved. To ensure we deliver your package to the correct address please help us confirm as follows:

ORDERED BEFORE SEPTEMBER 2017: Most of you have already completed the ‘BackerKit’ address confirmation survey last fall. We will send your package to the address you confirmed. If you have moved since September, or do not recall completing the BackerKit address confirmation, please update your shipping address here:

ORDERED AFTER AUGUST 2017: In the next few days, we will send you an email with coded links to an address confirmation survey via BackerKit - a trusted crowdfunding fulfillment management service. This step ensures we have the correct address on file for your delivery.

ORDERED IN THE LAST 30 DAYS: IndieGogo holds the money you paid for approximately 30 days before releasing funds to WeatherFlow. Once we receive your funds, we will send out an address confirmation survey before delivery.

Thanks for your steadfast patience and support. If you’re eager for daily details on the weather stations, we’d strongly encourage you to visit

Almost there. - the WeatherFlow team

How well is shipping going?

GREAT NEWS!!! Now it’s time to prepare a mounting base for final position!

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Congrats WF ya’ done good:grinning:

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