Can Air Quality (Smoke) be Deciphered From Tempest's Data?

Hi Everyone! Just yesterday I installed my Tempest. Easy setup!! I’m in south central Oregon right now. I’m a full time R/V’er. There are some major fires to the west of me now causing really pour air quality. I’m wondering if there is a way to decipher any of the data from the Tempest and have an estimate of air quality in the area? Thanks,


Not really but the PurpleAir will. It is just different sensor, there is no capability on the weather station to count particles.
I’m just above you in Washington.

I actually got my PurpleAir a year before I got my Tempest due to all the fires last year.

PurpleAir has a good map of stations you can look at; also AirNow has a map you can use.



today I discoved that ikea has a very cheap $12 air quality sensor VINDRIKTNING Air quality sensor - IKEA and Sören Beye made a computer interface for it ESP8266 Adds WiFi Logging To IKEA’s Air Quality Sensor | Hackaday
It only measures pm2.5, but in many cases that is a good indication for air quality.
Alternatively you could build Sensor Community for 50 euro. That measures more parameters.

Highly recommend the Purple Air and the map !!!