Yesterday's rainfall

This week I setup my new console with no issues and all is working as expected. Yesterday we had .11" of rain which correctly displayed on the console, however today the console is showing .0 for yesterday’s rain. A bug?

Can you share you station ID so that I can see your data?

The station I’d is 54620.

Can you share your wfpiconsole.ini file with me in a PM? I need to dig into this further

What directory is it in?

Got your PM. I’ve just tried running your station here and I don’t see any problem. It shows 0.11" for yesterday’s rain. Can you try stopping and starting the console again and let me know if that fixes it? I see that you have had 0.01" of rain today. I will keep your station running to make sure that there isn’t a bug occurring at midnight (when today’s rain is copied to yesterday’s)

It actually started working after I updated the pi OS and restarted. Now the problem is screen blanking doesn’t work due to a bug in the latest update.

Check out this issue on Github: Screen Blanking Not Working in Bullseye · Issue #96 · peted-davis/WeatherFlow_PiConsole · GitHub

There is a solution to fix the screen blanking (no PiConsole related)

downgrading indeed fixed the issues… thanks.