WX Console/Uploader & btstWx Mobile App

Great, thanks for your time.

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Posting this to the right forum… a Windows version of btstWx is now available for download…

You can download the 64bit version of btstWx here:


It should work fine in 64bit Windows10 PCs and Tablets :crossed_fingers:. If anyone needs a 32bit version, let me know.


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I’m having the same problem as @gizmoev .
Galaxy S20
Station id: 21059

What specific problem is that?

Not being able to switch from the demo stations, as described in this post:

Got it… No problem.
Fixed in the next release… which should be coming out in the next day or so.


Just installed the Windows 10 version but it appears to be pulling data from a different station other than mine. My station ID is 15419. Current temp is 84 but WX shows a temp of 87.4

I will look into it this evening.

@cfrank01, looks like your station is either dropping off your network or it’s not charging well and keeps degrading the readings.
Looking more into it…

Neither is the case as my station has been online for over 80 days and reports the correct data to WU consistently.

Your station is in a power save mode due to lower voltage it is reporting wind about every 15 seconds rather than every 3 seconds. That is what @btst.online is referring to.

There are two issues going on… one dealing with the auto-powersave that WF has implemented in the Tempest. And one on my end in the Windows version of the app.

Fixes should be ready this evening or tomorrow.

@cfrank01, et al.

Updated Windows version…

If you have already downloaded and extracted…
Just download the EXE and copy it to your btstWx folder:

Else download the ZIP file and extract:


Is the lower voltage something I need to worry about? Is my station not charging properly?

Now the app just sits at “…locating postion…” when launching.

It hasn’t been over 2.50V since about the end of May and yet it looks like it is getting plenty of sun. Definitely something to look at.

Look in:

And send the log file to: support@beentheresailedthat.com

There is an issue on the Windows version of btsWx.
Working a fix.

Any update on a fix yet?

With luck, I will have it fixed this weekend.