WS obs summary object precip fields

I’ve read back through past posts and haven’t seen this discussed in awhile. Will the summary object in the obs events received via WS going to be documented or blessed for use? I noticed today the precip_analysis_type_yesterday field, and that when it transitioned from 0->1, it started including precip_accum_local_yesterday_final, which seems to be the corrected value after RainCheck.

Upon seeing this, I wanted to ask, can I reliably use this as an indicator that RainCheck process has completed for my station for the previous day? This would save having to poll for that, to know when to pull the deltas for the previous day.

It’s hard to say I’m afraid. You can almost certainly use it today as a reliable indicator of whether the RainCheck process has run, but you have to assume that it is at least possible that the summary object may change at some point in the future.

You may have seen these comments from David:

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