Wrong or missing lighting count on Android APP

Hello, I’m having trouble on Android APP showing NO Lighting on main menu but counting them on “tech” menu.


Really… no reply wrom WeatherFlow staff??

David @dsj and Corrine @corrineb should reply shortly.

@Max_Italy Our Android developer is taking a look at this issue. We’ll keep you posted.


i have encountered this issue today. We had some intense lightning this afternoon. I have attached two screenshots. The web was showing 700+ strikes and the android app nothing. A few hours later after the 3 hr count it appeared in the android app. There was 520 hits

Update on this particular issue: we have a fix in an internal build. If all looks good it will bubble up to you guys in the public release!

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Just for my know-how… is it an APP issue or the problem is located elsewhere?

It was an issue with the UI logic in the app.

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