Wrong displaying for UV while modifying scale

Hello all!
I must admit it’s not the chart I have to used every 5 minutes so today, when I just took a look at UV, I was surprised: it’s not possible to “zoom out” in the UV chart. If you do so, the UV values displayed are all at 0…

In standard zoom:

And when you click on the minus sign:

it is reproducible in the web version (safari/chrome/firefox on macOS 10.13.4) and in the iOS app (app v1.982 / 139 on iOS 10.3.1 iPhoneX).

Sorry if it’s already signaled, I was not able to put my hand on a bug report on this topic. If so, just tell me… :slight_smile:

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Works fine here on a iPhone 5.

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And on the web version?

Testing on Google Chrome web browser seems fine as seen below. Perhaps this is a cache issue?? :thinking:



I don’t think so because it is on 4 different devices with different access mode (native app and web)
Now, I know you have not this issue, I would rather look for a data problem. Maybe an outbound case which is on my data set and not on yours… How long have you had the SKY?

I was one of the first people to receive the beta sky so that unit has been present for more than a year. The other pre production sky has been in service for about 7~8 months? :thinking:

I wonder if my data set is not “corrupted” by this initial issue: https://community.weatherflow.com/t/wrong-uv-obviously/812 … which would be a good news, because that would mean that it would be a case at the margin, not a general issue with data corruption.

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I just looked it again but in my case the graphs are ok on Safari, FF and my iPhone

Using a pre production model about 38 days in use

Perhaps, its related? :thinking:

Yes, that seems to be exactly what it is, @pierre. You have some crazy values in your data set that are pushing the graph scale very far into the negative values. I’ll try to clear that out for you soon.


Thanks @dsj for your answer. That’s fine if it’s just this… At least it’s not systemic!
Take your time to clean it, this is neither hurry nor priority :wink:

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