Wintry Mix? Really?

For quite awhile now the Tempest forecast on my station is showing “Wintry Mix” every day we are anticipating SNOW. For instance today the high here in NE Oregon is 18 F and the low is -8 F. Wintry Mix in these temperatures? I don’t think so. Something seems to be off in Tempest’s algorithms.

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i agree the algorithms are not correct. the hour by hour has my winds at 33 mph. i am reading between 5-10mph currently. where is the continuous corrective learning. i think they stopped it. The more i look on this forum the more i see people not happy. also they don’t add any new feature requests. Seems for the 5 years i had the tempest they havent upgraded anything. if anything they downgraded it by desensitizing the lightning detection

It’ not just Tempest, on the day of the snowstorms, Friday, other weather services were reporting thunderstorms because we had lightening detected during the snows here in the Chicago area.

Same thing here with my Tempest in NW lower MI. I’ve had my unit for 13 months now.


I put in a ticket with the WeatherFlow/Tempest customer support regarding this issue. This is their reply:
“Thanks for reaching out about this. This is a little known bug with the forecast icons. The good news is our modeling team is already working on a fix. We appreciate you calling attention to it!”

So hopefully this gets fixed soon. Not critical, just annoying in an otherwise great product.


Oh yes the Icon’s aren’t aligned to the forecast. I have seen that before on commercial web sites.

It’s not just an issue with icons. The weather forecast description is “Wintry Mix” along with the wintry mix icon on the forecast section of the app and the web page for my station.

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It is not just Tempest. Weather bug has been showing Wintery Mix instead of Snow in our forecasts for the past week in SW Idaho when temperatures have been in the teens or even colder.

Although there may be a problem here with the wrong information being displayed, surface temperatures are only part of the equation. Here in SE PA Tuesday, the surface temps were in the low to mid 20s (my high for the day was 25°F) and we had hours of freezing rain. I have seen copious amounts of sleet with a 15°F surface temp. There can often be enough warm air aloft to put the kibosh on precip falling as snow regardless of the surface temp.