Windspeed Stops working

Was working fine until today. Outside its gusting over 20mph. Any ideas on how to fix?

What’s the sensor status showing in the app? Does it show any failures?

Might be worth switching the tempest off for a few minutes and then back on, see if that fixes it.

Is the sensor status located in Settings?

Settings - manage (stations) - your station name - the press status

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Thanks for the picture. It says Sensor status is OK

Hmm give it a reboot see if that does anything. Other than that follow the trouble shooting steps for sensor not showing data.

make sure the units battery is good and has had sunlight recently.

If the above doesn’t fix log a ticket with @WFsupport they’ll be able to assist.

Did you reboot the Tempest in the meantime?

Actually, it looks like all data is continuously.
And I can’t see any interruption or restart neither of Hub or Tempest.

Do you see it different?

How do i reboot. This unit is a month old

All i see is an on/off switch

push the led button is an option or just switch off, wait 5 secs and switch back on does the trick :wink:

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I turned the unit off for 10min and turned off the modem to boot

Not sure what you want to achieve really, you’re station is running and doesn’t need a reboot.

Just took a screenshot and you can see the hub is running for 1 d 20h and your tempest for 23h and some
Turning off internet access is not rebooting the system btw

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The unit is totally free to capture the wind speed which currently is at least 10mph out


station close to yours though still quite away, (west from you)

Can’t say it seems way off (knowing wind is very local and can be influenced by many elements, especially gust). On average both of you seem in the same wind speeds

So why am i not getting any wind speed. The screen shots i sent show no gusts yet blowing at least 15mph here. Thats my issue and why i spent $327

Hey Eric
Let me ask you this. Would a metal pipe that its mounted on affect proper measurents.