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I use my Tempest often for work projects and I’m constantly reviewing wind direction data for placement of air monitoring equipment and for situational awareness for workers. It would be really great if there was a feature within the app to generate a daily and/or monthly windrose from the information collected with the Tempest.

Something that shows speed and direction over time? Like this…

Well … sort of. Here is a typical monthly windrose that I am familiar with which has a little more processing done to the data (with information on how frequently different wind speeds occur from the various directions)

This is typically used for climatology information (but, there may be other types of windroses too).

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Very doable… noted… (adding characters to meet the minimum length)

My Sky is a reliable wind reading on top of a headland. Weatherflow have several other wind Apps which use well located personal weather stations to include into their reports. These other Apps are reporting my data including wind rose like you require. If your Tempest was included into their other Apps and if you have a suitable subscription to the Apps then you would have what you are requesting.
This public station they allow non paid subscribers to view the windrose. To see the data from my station requires a paid membership.

There is some discussion about these other apps here

Cheers Ian :slight_smile:


Hi @hassan.jacob,
Since posting my message I went into to view my wind roses using my login to show you what is available. I discovered they no longer seperate the monthly wind rose. I could only see the all time windrose like I displayed above. I think it used to allow selection of the monthly wind rose and I dont know if premium membership helps. I gave up using that site because it stopped allowing me to use their widget and did not provide the data how I wanted to see it so I now create my own displays of my wind data.

I would vote for your request but I have run out of votes. You should vote for it.
cheers Ian :slight_smile:

I see the same thing in WindAlert but I can then click on each month to see the graph for that month. I have a paid account.

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Oh yes @jimyouse. When I click the month in the bar graph the wind rose changes to that month.
And by clicking the drop down options I can choose all time or the current or previous year and either average or gust. But it only shows during daylight hours because when I click 24hr it brings up a drop box with who to ask for it.
Here are the screen shots of my personal Weatherflow Sky at 31 Bombala st

Screen Shot 2021-05-06 at 2.09.24 PM

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I looked further into the issue I had which stopped me using that web site or App. There were differences in the data. The size of the gust and the time that it occurred were different. When I researched further into the problem I received this answer:
“the WindAlert app/site only updates every 5 minutes for the general public to see. As of now, the average wind speed is taken from a single minute within every 5 minute span and reported. This explains why the wind speeds and gusts are slightly different. We hope to create a fix soon where we can take the full 5 minute average/highest gusts and report that on our graphs for the apps.”

If you upload to Weather Underground, you can use myPWS on iOS to generate daily wind rose graphs using your Tempest° data.

There are other ways of doing it too with a little time and patience. I’ve written a blog about some projects you can do with your Tempest°. Both Meteotemplate and Weather Station include wind rose solutions.

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