Windows tempest app

It would be a really good asset if there was a Windows Tempest App that could be placed in the windows taskbar for quick and easy access. That would save the use of Android emulators such as BlueStacks which, in my view, is a clumsy way of achieving something similar.

Moved your idea to feature request so others can vote for it (and you as first one :wink: )

or you could just use a webbrowser. It looks almost the same. Create a desktop shortcut for the url. Mine is Tempest but you should replace the last 5 digits by your station’s id.

On Windows, just open the website in the Edge browser, and select pin to task bar. This is in the ... menu under the More tools section. If you want it to look like an app, just select Apps under the ... menu and chose Install this site as an app.

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Sunny & Gizmoev, Thank you so much for your advice. Really very helpful. Sorted.

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