Windows App resurrection request

Now that Windows 10 is ubiquitous, can you rebuild the weatherflow app with support for tempest with a nice GUI?

Can you provide more details?

There used to be a weather flow windows 8 app a few years ago. It would be great to see it rebuilt and relaunched in the windows 10 app store. Windows 10 is now over 70% market share.

A few years ago? This system has only been in existence for three years.

Weatherflow had a Windows 8 app in 2016.

WeatherFlow has several apps. The Tempest app (and its predecessor), as @GaryFunk said, has not been in existence that long. If you want a quick launch for your station you can do so in the Edge browser. Just go to the web page and select the More tools flyout from the … menu and pin to task bar or start menu.