Windcheck(?) Feature Request

I’ve had my Tempest for a couple of weeks now and I really like it so far as the local airport is often way off from my area.

The only bummer for me is the wind measurement. My lot is surrounded by trees and my HOA is a pain, so I’ve had to mount it on my back porch about 12’ above ground, which means I essentially have no readings from the NW, N, or NE, and the trees block most of the rest of the wind. I’ve read that I’m not alone in this way.

It would be nice if there was an optional “windcheck” function similar to the raincheck feature that would bring in outside data to give a more accurate wind and windchill display.

I can’t imagine anything harder to tweak like that than wind. That varies the most site to site and ‘within’ a site.

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Not exactly what your asking for, but you could use another WeatherFlow product called iWindsurf that shows several wind reports for your area.,-84.324,10,1

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It sounds like what you want could be described as Area Wind or something similar. I wouldn’t want to replace the Tempest reading so maybe a second Card or add it to the wind card, maybe.

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I completely agree, but having something is better than nothing. What made me think of it is that the wind speed hourly forecasts are pretty accurate from what I can tell, so that data is coming from somewhere.


Thanks, I’ll check out that app.

Great idea, that would be a nice way to do it.

Haha if it works like raincheck but in reverse a lot of people are going to be reporting hurricane force gusts on windy days (actual 30-40 mph).

There’s a huge amount of mathematics involved, interference, height above ground level, etc. Not to mention the limits of the anemometer itself when it gets overly wet, slugs climb all over it, etc! (Yes I’ve had that happen to a professional instrument and it was showing a stiff 85 mph breeze!) Fortunately it was within site of one of our PTZ cameras and I could see the offenders safely.