Wind spike recorded

Hi, yesterday i noticed my sky reported a wind gust of 99 kph. We did have some gusts to 45 but no where near 99. Is there a way to remove that reading from the data? Station 5008

I seem to be getting 2 - 4 unusually high wind spikes a day since firmware v98. The spikes are 2 - 3 times what the Davis VP2 is showing and at different times. The SKY is located lower and in a more protected area than the VP2 anemometer.


Sound like it could be birds.

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Definitely wasn’t birds, but seems to be working normal now. Maybe SKY wind has to recalibrate after v98 update?

Well the wind spikes have been appearing routinely lately. SKY showed 30.4 @ 5:39 am today and Davis VP2 showed a max gust today of 6.0 mph @ 9:41 am. Davis anemometer is actually considerably higher than SKY

Station 5203

I had a wind spike on 11/16 that was 89mph which was definitely not the case. It was not raining at the time. I have noticed other spikes as well, but not as high as that one.

I’m still getting non existent wind spike multiple times every day.
This morning at 9:59 Davis showed 4.6 mph WF 28.8 WF is totally incorrect.
10:30 Davis 6.9 mph WF 21.9
Peak winds for Davis all day were 15.0 mph @ 3.45.
Davis anemometer is located higher and better located than SKY.
Additional info: no frost no rain or precip of any type.

Station 5203
firmware 98

I know it’s early, but it appears that firmware update 103 may have solved my wind spike problems. Peak winds today were almost identical to the Davis VP2 winds. I sure hope this pans out.

Thanks for the update!
Station 5203


Might have spoken too soon.
WF 5:34 pm 26.6
Davis 5:34 gust 5.0


Station 5203