Wind speed too low

The wind speed shown by my Sky seems to be very low. A moderate breeze only shows a speed of about 1 mph on the Sky. The unit is in an open area about 4 feet from the ground. I previously had an Ambient weather station that needed a correction of 3x to get the correct wind speed. Do I need to raise it higher off the ground?

The official WMO anemometer siting height is 10 meters (~33 feet) high. You can realistically get 15-20 feet high from a ground-mounted pole before needing guy wires. An antenna roof-mounted antenna tripod with a shorter pole would be a more stable option…especially with the solar power accessory now limiting the number of trips up on the roof to change batteries.

For the closest possible wind measurements, try to get as high as possible even if 33 feet is unreachable…


the formula to approximate the effect of height can be found http://drømstø
It depends on the roughness length which can be found here http://drømstø
So for a roughness length of 0.2 meter (belonging to Agricultural land with many houses, shrubs and plants, or 8 meter tall sheltering hedgerows with a distance of approx. 250 meters) the wind speed at 10 meter above the ground is about 2.4 times the wind at 1 meter above the ground.
So yes, height matters a lot. and so does the exact environment in which the anemometer is placed.


First post: My Air wind speed is slow. It’s somewhat blocked by trees. But is there a way to add a correction factor to the wind speed? I think not but would be nice if you could.