Wind speed seems to be reading low (solved in firmware v103)

I have my Fine Offset weather station 2 meters close to WF. The others are close to the sea 10m above the ground. My station is higher placed to those two.

could be. but my station is on the waters edge, 10ft off the water with miles of un-obstructed direct west exposure so SW to NW should be clear. I’m comparing this to the 520 bridge sensor that I’m sure is much higher, but I don’t know how high. I’ll read that article.

thanks. good to know.

can definitely vouch for the new production batches recording good high wind speeds when there actually present, currently getting hammered here but here is quick two day comparison of two technologies both are brand new installations and hardware September real conclusion on what is better than the other in terms of measurement as both show a max greater than the other over the two days. from past experience i can say the weatherflow product has vastly improved over time…


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Here what my WeatherFlow and other weather stations show today.
All images were taken at the same time.
FineOffset 1 (same location as WeatherFlow): FineOffset%201
FineOffset 2: 300 meters away (west):FineOffset%202
Davis 200 meters (east): Davis
Gill Instruments ultrasonic (2km west): Gill%20ultrasonic

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Hi @dimitris19 . Thanks for the comparison report! Do you have pictures of your SKY and the station “FineOffset 1” ? It would be helpful to understand the relative siting of the two stations. In order to compare wind data, stations must be located in exactly the same location, at the same height, and only a few meters apart. We have studied wind in detail for over 20 years and can tell you that wind values only compare when station are co-located in identical siting. Looking forward to your pics. Thanks!

PS - what type of anemometer is FineOffset1? And is it calibrated? Over what time interval is the data averaged? How many samples are included in the avg calc?


The “Fine Offset 1” is a WH1080.
It’s an old one and it’s probably not as accurate as the other stations I mentioned.
I recently changed the ball bearings and it might report slightly different to factory settings.
I 'll send you photos Saturday morning.

Here are the photos:
This is from my drone:
The WeatherFlow is now at a temporary position. It will be placed on the top of the higher mast.
Tomorrow I 'll take my Fine Offset for repair and calibration.


Thanks for the photos! Now that Hub firmware v94 is out, is anyone still having issues with suspicously-low wind speeds? @dimitris19 @chris_guzak @twcmaster1 ? Anyone else?

I don’t have enough data to be sure, but in my case it seems that at very low speeds, the wind direction is often from the north but when it picks up a little bit it goes back to the real direction. (I know that windspeed 0 is shown as North, but I’m talking about non zero but low speeds… The directional arrow in the graph is visible but is northerly, but not exactly North. When I have more data and when I’ve convinced myself I’ll contact you.

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My last drive test was when I was on v94. When I increased speed to 50mph, I would get a reading around that number in the begining, but then the readings would drop and it wouldn’t go above 10mph no matter how fast I drove (60+mph).

I always get drops to zero even when it is consistently windy.

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Is this true when your SKY is installed normally, or only during the drive test?

This happens when I have stronger winds when not on the car.

Ok. We’ve looked at your data and suspect one of the sanity filters was being a little too aggressive. We’ve dialed it back a bit and this should improve your SKY’s ability to capture strong, steady winds.

Ok, thanks. What station number did you apply that to?

Could this be the case for mine as well? It occurs when there’s a 5mph steady wind, or a howling gale. It’s frustrating to see gusting 0 -30mph for example.

The change was applied to your SKY with SN 00011805 on station_id 3981. Do you have another one we should look at?

The particular issue we see in @twcmaster1’s data does not affect low wind speeds. When you say “it occurs when”… what is the “it” that occurs?

No, that was it. I just removed another hub off my account, so I just wanted to make sure. Thanks!!

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