Wind sampling rate

Would it be possible to increase the wind sapling rate from 3 seconds to one second ? It would be a more realistic approach to measure wind speed and wind gusts. I know it would be at the cost of extra power demand from the limited power resource of the internal battery but I believe it would be well worth it.

I don’t have use for 1 second measurements, but it might be interesting. However I’m not sure if a mechanical anemometer would show changes that fast (if the wind suddenly would stop, the cups keep rotating for a little while). I don’t think sampling faster would change the average wind speed a lot, but the wind gusts would go up a little. How much probably depends on the turbulence. So it might be interesting to study turbulence, but in the long run it wouldn’t be interesting enough for me to drain the battery a lot faster.

I was thinking of having an option in the settings of enabling 1 second or 3 seconds wind sampling rate
with an explanatory note that 1 second sampling rate would drain the battery faster. Default would be 3 seconds. One advantage would be on demand this option could be turn on before an approaching storm to measure wind gusts more accurately. We still have the option of attaching a power booster if needed to compensate for the extra power drain.

I’m with you. They should make that an option since the battery booster is available now.