Wind lull readings all 0

Hey, tempest finally arrived Saturday. Wind had been light except for Sunday afternoon. Was out sailing on Lake down hill from house. Winds were up near 20mph. Lulls felt like maybe in 8-10 range. My weather station which is up the hill was reporting wind at 12mph first. And had since it came out of the box reported lulls at 0.0mph. It’s this part of the learning period I keep reading about here and there? Am I missing something obvious?

Tempest has a clear fetch of air from south, west and east. My roofline is at the same level as tempest to the north. Not sure I can find a longer mast without excessive wobble. Currently 10’ mast supported at bottom 3rd. No wobble, very taught install. Tempest is dampened with vinyl tube between steel mast and mount.

Mast is set on quarter of balcony, about 7ft above flat roof. Balcony roof elevation is about 30ft. Total elevation of tempest is 37ft give or take.

View from deck/balcony

View from ground level

View towards south southwest

Predominant winds here are out of south.

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What is your Station ID? It will give us a chance to look at it.

I complained about this already a few times. For some reason weatherflow doesn’t define wind lull as the minimum wind speed during a ten minute interval (or any other period) but as the minimum during some interval depending on the zoom level of the graph. If it were defined as minimum during a ten minute interval, then zooming out should average those values, which would give you an idea how wind lull is behaving this month compared to previous month for example. But the way weatherflow implemented it, the yearly curve is basically just all or mostly zero’s because there is most likely always some zero wind. Not good at all.

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If I were you, I would ask support to have a look, because I think it shows to much zero values, even when completely zoomed in. Perhaps something is wrong with the unit and it reports zero wind too often, or perhaps it reports some error, but it is being graphed as zero.

Someone else concur? Funny enough results to warrant elevating?

Why do I always get the warped one!
-Gov. J. Lepetomane

If you think there is an issue open a ticket so support can investigate.

Can you tell us something about where you have mounted your Tempest? A picture perhaps? Is it possible that you are getting some turbulence affecting your wind measurements? That could explain why you get zero wind speed values (of course you only need one every 60 seconds to get the flat zero line as @sunny has discussed). If this isn’t likely, then definitely open a support ticket.

Picture doesn’t seem to want to load…

It’s mounted up there. Description in original post.

Ticket submitted

I upped your status to full member. You should be able to post more images now

Thanks! Images added to original post with brief description.

The zoomed in version of the graph doesn’t help, as I explained above. I’m more worried about your data from (just an example) 6/16/2020 around 2.15pm. It shows almost steady winds from the SE at 5-6mph on average. I wouldn’t expect wind lull to go to exactly zero several times. Looking at the other wind lull values around that time, they are around 2-3 mph. It might be that the wind is a bit more turbulent than expected, but then I would expect very low values like 0.4 mph, but no, what you have is that they are exactly zero, several times.
I’m very curious what might cause these zeros. Is it really wind speed being zero? or is the unit sometimes not doing its job? Is there an error in the processing resulting in the zero values, or is the unit perhaps detecting a problem and reporting it as zero. I don’t know, but I think it is suspicious.