Wind is not shown on App, only in history

Hey all

Today i recognized, that wind is not shown in the station view of the app (always 0.0)

But in history, there is the wind reported.

Also wind direction is no more available on the REST Api get request (and wind speed always 0.0).

Is this a known bug?

Thanks for your help!

Here the reporting:

What is your Station ID? You can use the share icon to get a link to post so we can look.

Mike, your Tempest has hardly any battery left (2.38V) . It is in power saving mode to survive.
A quick look at your solar radiation graph shows it never saw more than 130 w/m^2. Way below level it needs to start charging. It needs direct sunlight for at least 1 to 2 hours a day to keep level (above 300 w/m^2) . Can you move it so it does get direct sun ? And from where it is now it will need several days to come back up … at least 2 to 3 fully sunny days with plenty of sun on the panels.

Thanks for your answers.
My station is:

We have almost no wind at the moment, it is also possible that the wind direction is only shown if there is really wind? Until recently it simply said “N” if no wind. I will observe this when it is windier again.

Eric, you are right at the moment the Tempest is not yet in the right place because the right mounting rod is still missing.
In addition to that we have had thick fog for days now.

What surprises me is that the battery says: “State: GOOD”? Despite 2.38V?