Wind Gusts Not Showing Up Correctly on the General Statistics Page

I reported this quite a long time ago, but it is still an issue so I thought I would throw it out again.
When I look at the page that says “Howard Home Hub” at the top that lists the data from both devices, the wind is at the top and says Gusting 0 - 2 mph. However, when I click on the widget and open the graph, the lowest reading I see is 8 mph and the high is 18. That is obviously a significant difference. I bought this device purely for the wind readings so I could see when my horses need to be brought in. Since I now understand the discrepancy I always click in to see the graph, but it would be really nice if the reading on the first screen was correct.

Im having the same issue. Very irritating. Looking forward to an answer

Post an image of what you’re seeing.

Im having steady wind of 10-20mph all day yet is what i see on main page all day

And my unit is 10` clear of any obstruction

@jaybird I just looked at your station. The main screen and your graphs seem to match, so you don’t have the problem howard has. It might be too low as you describe, but that is a different problem.

@howardfamily what is your station id? so we can have a look.

I am not sure what you mean by station id and I couldn’t find anything. The username on the login is Does that help?

if you scroll down on the main page you’ll see the share icon on the bottom right. It will give you something like (the last 5 digits are your station id, but 15906 is mine) (there must be otherways to find it, but this one is straight forward)

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thanks, but currently you have hardly any wind at all. I will have a look again later.

however that doesn’t seem to be the link to your tempest, but to your sky/air unit at home

There is just a little bit of breeze now.

I am not sure I understand the part about the link. The link is what I found when I followed the directions you sent. We do not have the new “Tempest”. We have the original Sky/Air.


Hi Kim,
my mistake, I was confused by the picture of the station above (jaybird’s one).
Currently your main screen shows values, that match those of the graph. So perhaps the problem solved it self. (be sure to zoom in as much as you can on the graph).

I am still seeing this issue and we ware having more wind today so hopefully you can see what is going on. I would really love to get this resolved as it has been an issue from day one. The only reason we bought this unit was to be able to track wind speed so we could know when it was too windy for our horses to be out. I hope you can help us get this figured out.

The difference is that the graph is a zoomed out view -> and you see peaks from the period and not the detailed data, on the right screen you have a 3 second reading on the dial and next to it the 1 minute average

zoom all the way in on graph and you will see more close matching numbers.