Wind Gusts (again)

I know this has been discussed before in July, 2020 but I never saw a reason or resolution.

It has to do with erroneous wind gusts. On several occasions during relatively calm conditions I have seen wind gusts reported WAY above what was going on outside my window.

Is an example. I have some other example where winds gusts were 38 MPH with little wind showing in my area. At first I thought this would only occur after the device was wet and still dripping but today it did it when it should have been dry.

Any thoughts on this phenomena? Is it a flawed device?

Thanks… George

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Have you ever seen WIND_FAILED on status?
Mine was showing an 11 mph breeze when in fact, the wind was 0-1. It was super foggy, could not even see the wind sock (36x84) on surveillance cameras.

Checked the status, showed WIND_FAILED. Checked an hour later and it showed OK. And wind seemed normal although direction was wrong.

I opened a ticket regarding WIND_FAILED. They want me to power cycle the instrument. Um, it’s 40’ in the air on a tower so that’s not happening! (soon)

I did in fact over the weekend relocate it to a mast with (wind sensor) height at 33’ AGL. And I forgot to power cycle it! LOL. It has 38 days of uptime, FW still 134.

From what I read the random SENSOR_FAILED message was something that was supposed to be addressed in a future firmware revision. Not sure if that meant the instrument, hub, or both.


No sensor failures I can see.

I did submit a support ticket.


I jut rebooted your Tempest remotely. No need to risk your life up there :slight_smile:

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Yep just reach out, Lots of devices are easy to get to so a Power reset is the best. But, if asked to do it and it’s on your snow covered roof. Just tell the support agent that. Its all good and someone will try to take care of you!

That’s good to know!

I have only observed this a few times on my Tempest. Mine is located close to a street because it is the only place I can get good rain info and I have wondered if it might be due to the turbulent eddies of air produced by the vehicles. I have also wondered if it could be due to a bird flying close to the sensor.

can you provide a photo of your setup?

Nice view. . .but I’d worry that it is toooo close to the street. People driving by, walking or bicycling. . .would be curious as to what the “thing” is. There could be a temptation for someone to “mess” with it. . .and heaven forbid. . .if someone figured out how to “unlock” Tempest from its mount. . .or worse yet. . .unscrew the large tightening nut and then just lift the entire mount and Tempest right off the PVC pole. . .all that would be left is a white PVC.

I would tend to agree with storm_tracker about its security (from people). Unless the cars are flying by… I am not sure it would affect wind speed dramatically. What kind of wind gusts are you getting?