Wind error way too high

Wind going crazy way too high.
Station 8254

Going 54mph to 0 then 50 mph

you have a view on your sky ? I wonder if you don’t have the rain on plate issue as I see you had rain and quite some wind … blowing rain between the sensors. And that could trigger false reading. Other nearby stations show also high winds but indeed about 20 mph less.


No rain today. Says rain due to vibrations. But winds are not 60mph

in the last picture the wind direction also flippen 180 degrees, just as mentioned in this post here: Incorrect Wind Direction follows Null data event

Hi just wanted to share my recent observation of a similar problem here in Ohio. Sky is mounted on a 6-foot Pole in the ground in the middle of an open field and wind reports have been excellent. Two nights ago we had some light snow flurries at which time similar false high wind data was recorded for about a 3-hour length of time. After which Sky return to normal. I suspect it had to do with snow being blown through the sensor at the time. If anyone has any further thoughts on this I love to hear them. Thanks in advance great forum.

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Anything in the wind slot (insects, snow, even pooling rain) could skew the wind measurements…

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@pcapaccio thanks for opening a ticket, we’ll follow up with you directly

I just had this same problem. Wind direction changing 180 degrees and registering steady 50 mph wind. I took down the sky and found nothing on the sensors. Rubbed my fingers into the slot both top and bottom. Re-installed and all now works correctly.


Hello daveulmer

your station is brand new ? I don’t see many data yet (yesterday and today) I didn’t see any rain but was there any ? If it is running ok for now, let it do and see.

Remember that when you start the Sky it needs to calibrate wind, might take a few hours to settle, maybe as you have quite some wind it took a bit longer …
If it goes wrong again, let us know and WF will have a closer look.

enjoy your station


My station 10906 is about 6 months old. In my troubleshooting of the problem I deleted all data to see if that would fix it. I see now that it did record the event of my repairing the problem. You can see the wind direction reversals. The wind didn’t actually reverse its been blowing hard from the NW for the last few days.

Its just a little dangerous to go up and mess with the sky during a high wind storm.


For sure it isn’t the best period to go mess on the roof (except if you like to play flag on pole :white_flag:). Seems to run ok for now, so let’s wait for now.


In thinking it over, when I got up to the sky I removed it from the solar battery to inspect the unit and clean the battery connections. I think now that powering down the unit and rebooting may have fixed an internal firmware problem that corrupted the data. It might be nice to have a ‘sky reboot’ function on the advanced controls card. That would have saved having to go up and mess with the unit directly.

More of that strange behavior:

Is this a hardware problem ?

this regular? must be software/firmware. But apparently it repaired itself for now.

It seems to be regular during high wind events. Seems it goes haywire at around 50 mph. Wind event is about over hear and all is back to normal.

That interval of every 10 minutes is suspicious. That is how often battery voltage and maybe other parameters are supposed to be read.


Hi Daveulmer,

We recently fixed a bug related to to lost data packets that looked similar to the issue you’re seeing. We upgraded your hub to the latest beta firmware, let’s see if that helps.



Mine weatherflow did the same back on Jan 25th. Screenshot attached. Station is 8254. Can you check to see if my hub firmware is up to date?

Thanks for bringing up the issue.
Your hub was just upgraded. Please do keep a close eye if the symptoms persist or not and do report back.

I may have found the problem on my end. I noticed that I was getting false rain indications when the wind readings were going haywire. I wiggled my pole mount with both hands to see if it was loose. It was solid as a rock wouldn’t budge. Then I just whacked the pole with my fist and it rang like a bell. The sky was wagging back and forth at about 20 Hz and with 1/2 to 1/4 inch deflection !! Ah ha, the pole has a resonance !! I bet that at just the right wind speed the whole thing is resonating and causing the false readings.