Wind direction arrow missing on Android app


I noticed today that the wind direction arrow is often missing at the top of the graph on my Android app. The wind speed is definitely not zero, and the direction does appear in the text at the top if you select a point where the arrow is missing.

I’m still seeing long periods of time when no wind direction arrow is appearing on the graphs. I’m not sure if this is just an issue that affects my phone (OnePlus 7), or if it is more widespread. The direction appears in the text above the graph, so I think this is primarily a graphing issue @dsj.

Edit: I don’t see the same issue on the web, so this definitely looks like an Android issue.

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Thanks for the report, I will take a look at this!

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Yeah I noticed the same issue is happening for me. It shows the wind direction at the very top with the wind speeds when you select the data but it doesn’t show the arrow. This only happens on the Andriod app via Samsung Galaxy S9+

No issues on my S10.

This is the same issue: Strange wind direction gaps

It looks like it only affects a small number of handsets/manufacturers (we thought it was a OnePlus issue, but now @93ben also sees in on a Samsung Galaxy S9+).

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Yeah here’s a photo of what I see…