Wind direction appears erratic

If I’m reading the info correctly, the wind direction is all over the place. Is there something I need to tweak?

The quality of the gif leaves something to be desired but it needed to meet the site’s limitations. Just below the Pressure Line, you can see the direction swings around.

Any help appreciated


could happen when it is pretty turbulent, or when there is something in the measuring gap (spider, rain?)

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As an old weather overseer in the USAF Air Weather Service it was not unusual (although a pain in the but for reporting!) such for wind direction at Seymour Johnson AFB in NC - so much so that, rather than report wind speed/direction in our hourly observations we would report wind variable - because it was.


@sunny @justcallmecleve

Thanks for the replies.

The wind was not very strong and looking outside it did not seem very variable. I will check for obstructions. But frankly, while my station is not that high up, trying to get to it so it can be cleaned might be an issue, particularly since I’m lame at the moment - fracture of femoral condyle! So really lame as opposed to having a lame excuse!!! :laughing:

This now old & retired PA feels your pain - motion does NOT come easily for you right now! As for the winds, I am on the Gulf Coast of Florida - while our winds are running 2 - 6mph our directions are all over the place - looking at the maps (Tempest, Weather Underground, Ambient stations) it really is light and variable here.

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probably it will clean itself… if it was water it will evaporate and a spider will go away.

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If you have a cheapo weathervane to put up nearby that might help you see how real the direction changes are…at low speeds what you’re reporting are not unusual