Wind Data - Suddenly missing periods, average, and lull

Good evening all,
just checking the data from my Tempest this evening and i noticed a sudden change at 805pm in the display graph for the wind readings as attached. It only seems to be displaying gust - no average or lull, and now has gaps in the data. This is also the case with what is being uploaded to wunderground - the wind readings there are suddenly different. Additionally, the temperature readings suddenly stopped for a couple of minute at 805pm, but resumed around 808pm and seem to be updating ok since. The battery level has been hovering around 2.40v today and doesnt looked to have dropped noticeably at the time the graphs / display changed. Any ideas?

It looks like it started at 20:05 at a battery level of 2. 39V.

With a couple of other sensors having a dropout at the same time.

The Tempest starts decreasing sampling frequency as battery voltage drops toward critical levels. Here’s the summary of intended behavior at different voltage levels from the Tempest support page on the subject (Solar Power & Rechargeable Battery – WeatherFlow Support)

Given that the lowest recorded voltage was 2.39V that doesn’t explain the gaps in the data. Other than the gaps, what @rpbyett shows in the screenshot is what would be expected when the voltage drops to or below 2.39V.

It’s possible that the voltage dipped below 3.39 and wasn’t recorded.

Verified wind failed sensor status when I looked during a few of the wind data dropouts. Those were also during heavy rain periods.


Ahh, good catch…

How do you see there has been a sensor failure? Curious as when I check the status it says all ok, although I see it’s still dropping out intermittently. We should see some sunshine today so hopefully the battery will charge back up enough to see if that’s the issue.

I checked status several times, and during some of the wind dropouts, sensor status would say wind failed. Those periods that I looked at also correlated with heavy rain. When the wind sensor started reporting again, it showed Ok. I don’t think it is related to the battery level.

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I’ve had this recently in the last few days, we had a couple of pretty good squall lines roll through the lasr few days with very intense rain and wind.

I noticed that the wind sensor showed as failed intermittently but once it had blown through the sensor and the unit has been fine.

I’m wondering if it’s the rain getting between the gap where the ultrasonic sensors lie for the wind and its causing some sort of irregularity that the sensor can’t handle and the unit reports it as a failure?

Yes, i wondered the same. The loss of average and lull seems to have been linked to the battery level. The gaps in the data could be linked to the squally weather at the time. This has been the only time i have noticed this issue. The concern is that the sensor failure was not just wind, but initially was also the UV and humidity sensor too. I have raised a ticket that is open - WF could not explain the problem as all sensors now seem to be functioning. It’s a case of seeing if it happens again.

It’s certainly odd, I’ve managed to keep my tempest above 2.40v this week and both gaps in the wind data that I noticed was not just a few samples missing but was over 10-15 minutes of no data (this also knocked out my WeatherFlow Pi Console both times temporarily, (this relies on all sensors reporting)) and coincided with the squally weather.

Maybe too much interference caused by horizontal rain/sleet/spray is enough to cause a false postive sensor failure, in both my instances that seems to be the case.