Wind data quality check

I still have 2 original Sky units, both have issues with wind, namely: high winds speeds cause several NULL events (Sky reboots) and this is followed by a totally (180°) wrong wind direction and speed (usually exactly 2x).
I’d still like to keep these devices in operation but I hate erroneous data in my logs.

My proposal to @WFstaff is to implement a sort of a quality check on the wind data. If the wind sensor reports the status as “WIND FAILED”, the data shall be ignored (e.g. not available) for that period instead of logging completely wrong wind information.
I could probably do it myself but am not sure if status data is available over the API.


I am relying on my Skys for my wind readings. I am interested in your error because I already implement error correction for the zero glitch. I am ignoring 3 sec readings and I use the one minute values from the API. If my Skys did what you are reporting then it would be really bad for the decisions I am making based on my wind readings. I am interested if you determine a logic question to apply to the data to declare an erroneus value. And I am happy to share my python code with you for how I am currently correcting the zero glitch. I imagine I might be able to adapt it for the issue that you are describing. I imagine weatherflow have much more higher priority items that they are dealing with. Because I guess the errors you are encountering might be only your Sky?
Cheers Ian :slight_smile:

Thanks for your feedback. I imagine the WF have much more important tasks to do but I just asked. The issue with my Sky is definitely not an isolated case since it happens/ed to all my three units and other people here. It’s a well predictive case and always happens after the “zero” glitch. The glitch itself doesn’t bother me but the thing that often happens after the glitch. So I’m just going to write a script that will ignore the data after the glitch. I must find a smart way to know which data is erroneous and which is normal. Usually it is a direction swap and 2x windspeed. Thanks for your offer for a script. If I don’t find a good way myself I am certainly going to ask you.

Is it in the 3 second values or the one minute values? Can you post some raw data demonstrating the issue?
I had not heard of this issue before.

Have a look.

Scroll up and down for more figures and examples how the wind went crazy. These are the periods I want to ignore in my log.
This happens to all my three Sky units and not only to my units.

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