Wind Chill/Feels Like Reading on Grid View

Currently, the non-grid view shows a “Feels Like” temperature, but the grid view (which we use often and have on a display) does not include the “Feels Like” or Wind Chill reading. Would be nice to have that reading in the grid view as well. Thanks!

on my Android phone and on the web interface the grid view shows me a “feels like” temperature. (but only when the conditions are valid for the definition of the feels like temp)

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Where? I have looked at both and neither shows it, even when it does show in the normal view.

The reason is stated in sunny’s post.

Here is a capture of my main station.

The AIR is from the first generation and happens to be just in the right conditions for “Feels like” whereas the Tempest is in the right conditions for “dew point.”

at the right hand side of the temperature panel in the grid view. It shows dew point when the conditions for feels like are not met.

Maybe you will find some answers in this post ?

Got it now! Thank you!