Wind Chill feature

I would find a wind chill (Feels Like) reading on the display, to be useful.
Not every country calculates windchill in the same manner though.

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This already exists in the “Feels Like” temperature. Depending on the temperature/wind speed/humidity, the “Feels Like” temperature will either show the wind chill or the heat index. The equations used to calculate both values can be seen here:


I’m guessing he meant on the front default display of the app without having to hit the icon in the upper right. I too think it would be a nice feature to have without having to hit that icon.

He made two statements, both which are non-specific.

I believe when the conditions are such that the Feels Like temperature differs from the ambient temperature, the Feels Like temperature is displayed on the front default display instead of the dew point.

Hi @valkatove,
There are some fields which are not obvious to find…
To view more calculated fields from my browser view I click on 56%20AM which displays a list like:
Or if I click my station on the map OR another station it also brings up a list that looks like:
And from there I can click the station name to ‘goto’ that station.
Cheers Ian :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the responses.

I have never come across a “Feels Like” on the display or in the back ground.
Though the winter has been warm, the times when it has been minus 27 with some wind I have never noticed a “Feels Like” on the display.

I will check closer next time.

Pete, I’ve never seen the ‘Feels Like’ field on the front display. It’s always Temp-Dew Point-Humidity, regardless of the wind & temperature.

I’ve certainly had windy conditions where the ‘feel like’ temp would differ from the ambient temp. So I’m not sure if that’s a setting I haven’t enabled, but I don’t see anything that would toggle DP to ‘Feels Like’. The only way I’ve found to get that is to hit the upper left icon and go to ‘Current Conditions’.

It is certainly not a setting you can toggle. I always assumed it automatically switched, but I think you may be right - it is fixed on Temp-Dew Point-Humidity. Perhaps this is something WF will get to in due course.

Pete, that would be great!

I would like to have the wind chill / heat index visible here :



I too would like to have the option to always see dew point in the main card display. It’s just now become warm enough here that my display has replaced dew point with “Feels Like”. I like having feels like and wind chill when called for, but would like to be able to toggle to have them replace RH instead of dew point if all three can’t be displayed.

Thanks for your consideration.