Wind Calibration

You have offer a rain calibration. Why not a wind calibration. Where I live, I can’t get a clean air path from all directions to my Tempest. Thus, I can’t get anything close to the “reported” wind speeds. When the wind is out of the S my readings are about 3/4 of the reported value and when out of the N it’s about 1/2.
What I’m envisioning is an algorithm that applies a multiplier to the wind speed based on wind direction. So I’d like to apply a 2X multiplier when the wind is out of the North. When it’s out of the South I’d use 1.5X and then when it was somewhere in between, an algorithm would calculate the multiplication factor,

Its sounds like you are not really looking to calibrate the instrument’s accuracy but rather apply a wind increase factor based on your location.

If that is the case, this is fraught with problems. Local wind effects are not that predictable. i.e. localized gusts, turbulance, the amount of friction due to seasonal changes to trees, etc… make this unrealistic.


I think it would be great to have a nice good calibrated instrument. But once you have that and place it in an environment where wind from the north are always half of what you expect them to be, I would expect the instrument to just tell me exactly that, and still report the actual wind at that spot (even though it is half of what you expect)
Changing the instrument to reflect that, would be bad in my opinion. You better make a mental picture for yourself as in " he I have a lot of trees to the north of my house, the instrument tells me it is blowing 15km/h from the north, but it is likely to be more like 30km/h when I’m out in the open field.
But you might have a different opinion on that. That’s ok.

You both have good points and it probably wouldn’t be very reliable. I’m a bike rider and I’m just looking for a more representative number of what I’m going to see when I’m out on the bike. Guess I better just stick with my other internet sources for that.

Probably using other sources would be best.

Just keep in mind… if the NWS generally predicts wind for an “open” environment so if you are biking in the “woods”… the winds would be quite a bit lower. Same thing if biking on/near the beach… likely higher winds.