Wind and Rain Info vanished from Android notification

Time by time the Infos about wind and rain vaished from the notification info of the Android app.
First the data of the first station was

And now the second one has joined.

  • It looks like the Skys infos are gone totally,
  • a refresh doesn’t helped
  • the Skys infos are displayed in the app at the same time with actual values.

Edit : mixed the stations, corrected.
**Edit2: addition info added **

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did you upgrade Android version? or did it happen all by itself?

By itself, the security patch Dec 2019 is waiting to be installed (Samsung S7).

Hey @dsfg, We are investigating on our end. We’ll keep you posted.


Hello @dsfg,

The notification is fine-grained in the sense that if one of the parameters comes back as null, it will not show up. We do this in the notification to save some space. Inside the app, we will normally dash the value out.

The data for the notification is being pulled from a different source than the data in the card view, so values may show up properly in the card view but not in the notification.

Are you still having this problem? If it happens again, can you check if the missing values are dashed out in the list view(not the card view)?


Hello @jstavrinaky,

The Situation has not changed.
But you are right, data is missing as well in the List-View
Here some screenshots:

In comparison on the iPad: