Wind and Gust identical all the time


I’ve had my Tempest for a little over a week, and it has been in its final location since Sunday, and it seems to work fine, even if the rain sensor doesn’t “hear” every time it rains. But I have something I would call a “calculation error” somewhere, because both on and in the application on two Android devices, the wind and gust are always identical, and lull is always zero. Is there any “wind calculating algorithm” that can be restarted? I tried restart the hub, but that didn’t do anything, and I suppose that would have been weird, because I think it’s not the station or the hub that do these calculations. And just to be fully clear, yes, the value of the wind and gust do change, right now wind and gust 1m/s, just under a minute ago both were 4m/s.

My station is


I just noticed your voltage on the battery is very low. It might have entered powersave mode where it only samples once every 5 minutes. That is why at the highest zoom level the average is the same as the max. If you zoom out, the average starts to differ from the max.
You need to charge the unit by leaving it on and put it in bright sunlight. (300lx or more). Artificial light might charge, if it is bright enough.

Yes, I sent a question to the support, and they confirmed it is in powersave mode 2. Unfortunately we have short days here now, and the sun doesn’t rise very high, and it will only get worse for three more weeks. Maybe in march I will get it charged again :smiley:

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