Will smoke from chimney damage Tempest?

I’d like to mount my Tempest on my chimney as it is the highest point on my house. I use the fireplace attached to that chimney maybe once or twice a year. Is there any concern with the smoke coming out of the chimney and it damaging the Tempest’s sensors?

I would think that smoke particles etc from the chimney would NOT be good medicine for a Tempest. I have my original WFSKY-01 attached to the chimney. . .but I have never used the chimney as intended. Therefore, I don’t have to be concerned about that. It depends on your chimney stacks. If the Tempest is far enough away from it or on the opposite side. . .that might not be too bad. But depending on the dimensions of your chimney. . .after a while. . .Tempest could suffer from “smoke inhalation”. . .i.e. the internal sensors may not be happy. If at all possible. . .try to find an alternate location for Tempest that would not be anywhere near smoke particulates. Also. . .the heat emanating from the chimney (when used) would produce a HUGE Bogus spike in temperature readings.

Yeah that’s what I suspect as well, I don’t want to have to go up there periodically to clean it.

I hear that! I only go up to the chimney now for a WFSKY PMI (Preventative Maintenance Inspection) twice a year. I used to go up quarterly…4X a year. At coming on age 69. . . ladders and heights could end up being “frightening!”