Why no MQTT transport for developers?

…and once you have weewx sending MQTT, the weewx Belchertown skin is waiting to grab that data and display it as live updates on a weewx web page…


We have developed so many ways to get the data it’s like a seven-tailed dog chasing them all.

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that’s why many of us purchased the WF station to begin with - gotta love an (almost totally) open platform.


Belchertown is a great skin - i have it running with MQTT at:




Thanks for this, looks great. I’m going to give this a go myself.


Lovely presentation. Great work

Awesome~!! Just give us raw MQTT . ability to point our server to some external MQTT server to receive our own data and documented JSON / format for the message. That would be just awesome. And we could integrate with many Home Automation platforms .

Weather Underground seem canceled their free API keys… I was using them to pull data from my own station. Now I can’t any more as the weather flow station I own and share data to underground does NOT belong to me… It belongs to weatherflow, so I can’t get data from my own station that I am sharing to WU.

Any update on the date for release of MQTT publish ability?

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Can you explain this again?? How does your own station belong to WeatherFlow and not you?

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Well, there is an option for “public data” in weather flow Sky station.
when you say “share my data publicly”, weatherflow creates a new station on Wunderground and starts sending data to that station.

I was never given a chance to point this public data to a station I created myself. And I was never given credentials to the public station “weatherflow” created when I said share data publicly.

So when I go to wunderground and login into my account, I don’t have any stations. And thus I am not allowed to get API key to my own station as I don’t have any.

Does this make sense? Or there is somewhere a page inside weatherflow app , that would provide me with ability to “own” that station under my own WU account . Or at least give me the API key to it?

Now I understand. Unfortunately I’ve never used the WeatherUnderground integration so can’t be much help. Sorry!

However, if you want access to your data, can you not use WeatherFlow’s own API directly? Or do you need MQTT?

When you go in to Weather flow settings, stations, public data, at the bottom where it says Weather Underground, your station name is on right side. You should have associated the two when you set up your WeatherFlow.

Once you find your station name, associated with your Weather Underground account.

That is not what the public setting is do doing. Mine is public and on WU. Public allows other to see your data on the weatherflow map and at your WF stations site. Station ID in the app is the number at the end.

My WF public station is: https://smartweather.weatherflow.com/share/6594/

WeatherFlow map https://wf.fsoft.com/

You need signup at WU and manually create a station, WU will assign a station code. You come back to WF and enter that code in the weatherflow app to have it send to WU.

My WU station is: https://www.wunderground.com/dashboard/pws/KILPALAT72


Yes you can use the API. I use Weather Display software and it’s data logger can be set to either pull data directly from the UDP inteface or to go out to WF website and pull data.

There are multiple 3rd party integrations to do this if you want to run a Raspberry Pi and host a little software.

My UDP listener can publish to MQTT, as can weewx if you want to run that for a self-hosted weatherflow setup that can ‘also’ feed MQTT (my site).

There are undoubtedly more ways of doing it as well.

You never need the WF servers for storing and displaying your measurements if you’re willing to run a little software on a cheap computer like a pi. But if you want to just have the Hub publish MQTT, then no it doesn’t do that at this time.

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Still on the roadmap but no ETA.

Actually, you can link your Smart Weather Station to any WU PWS. You may need to unlink the currently linked one, then manually enter the PWS ID and Key from your WU account.

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That is good to know! I will try this.

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Thank you. I now have better understanding on how to better use WU and also how I can get MQTT in the meantime, as I already run HomeAssistant on Pi.


Another new user looking for MQTT. All my HA system uses it. Lots of other alternatives but MQTT would be way preferable.

Can bridge to your server if that’s an easier option but would prefer it all local.


Yes… if already able to send MQTT to your servers, why not allow us to change that setting on the HUB, so we can keep data completely private, or for me, I would just like the ability to send to a second local MQTT server.