Why deleting your hub is no good?

Huh! I just did that and it solved my problem while all else failed! If you get stuck…DELETE your station & start over!!

How do you know there wasn’t another solution? In excess of 99% of situations the problem can be resolved without deleting the station.

I also had no success in resetting each component, including the Tempest sensor pod. The pod stayed disconnected from the hub. Deleted the sensor pod and it still would not repair. Only after deleting everything and setting up from scratch did it all come back. The Weatherflow backend assigned me a new station ID unfortunately. I opened a ticket to see if they can swap the ID or reconnect the history. We’ll see what happens.

Where did you get post to get help? Again, in over 99% of cases you don’t have to delete your station and start over. Post here on the forum first.

I followed the guides at Tempest Troubleshooting Guide (Setup, WiFi, Hub & Tempest) on the WeatherFlow Support site. If that’s not sufficient, then maybe it should be updated. If there’s an issue with deleting the hub, it should be mentioned there as well. In addition, there is no mention of additional support via the forum on that page. It wasn’t until later that I found the forums existed. Perhaps you can create a sticky that covers the procedures which are different from those in the trouble shooting guide that result in a successful recovery?


I agree, that page should also point to this forum for more troubleshooting help. Also, nothing bad happens but it removes the link to any data which could have been used to troubleshoot any issues. That should be noted as you suggest.

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